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Friday, February 5, 2010

Google forms Partnership to help SMEs

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The current economic downturn and its rather slow recovery progress has pressured Malaysian companies, particularly the 550,000-plus small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to find new customers for their products and services when faced with declining sales and financial constraints.

At the same time, 15 million Malaysians and over a billion people worldwide use the internet and search engines to find information on products and services such as prices, reviews and even where to buy locally.

Realising the opportunities it presented, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) is collaborating with Google and two local universities- the Multimedia University and the University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), to offer SME Business Stimulus Package that enables local SMEs to harness the cost-effectiveness and reach of the Internet to access a wider market and increase sales.

Google’s head of online, South East Asia, Chariff El-Ansari says that SMEs should use Google as a sales channel in order to grow their business internationally.

Those signing up for the package could potentially reach 73% of all internet users globally, including millions in Malaysia, who use the search engine to find information on products and services such as reviews and to compare prices,’he explains.

The offer is part of a Google’s campaign to get more business onto its search based marketing platform which currently dominates the market and is also being rolled out in Thailand and Singapore.

MITI secretary general Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Mamat says that representing 99% of all business in Malaysia, SMEs are the backbone of the nation’s economy.

“The current economic situation warrants that our SMEs enhance their capabilities and try new ways to find new customers locally and overseas through the internet. And this new package is very much in line with our mission to promote international trade and develop industrial activities to enhance Malaysia’s economic growth,’ he adds.

malaysian small and medium sized  enterprises (SMEs) have lagged behind their counterparts in more advanced Western countries in tapping the potential of the Internet as a marketing and sales channel and many have yet to even establish a web presence.

Google earned roughly US$22 billion (RM74 Billion) last year, 97% of which came from selling advertising.

Any Malaysian SME that has a product to sell and a valid business permit can apply for the package,
Participants will enjoy:
  1. A company website developed by MMU or UTAR students to promote their product s and services. The first 100 SMEs who register for the package and do not yet have a website will get it for free hosted by Subsequent participants need only pay a one-time fee of RM200 to MMU or UTAR for the website development work.
  2. RM200 of free credits from Google to start an online marketing campaign with Google Adwords, Google’s search engine marketing platform.
  3. A free one-n-one tutorial from a Google authorised representative on how to set up and maintain a search marketing campaign.
  4. A FREE seminar by Google, in partnership with SME Corp, on starting and maintaining a website, marketing online and using Google technologes to promote their business.
To participate, businesses can sign up at

Courtesy of MalaysianHomeBusiness

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