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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wire Name Art Writing

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A few days ago, I found a forum about wirename at It was an interesting read.

Someone asked this question in forum for beading.

what is the best way to learn how to bend wirename?

Could someone at least answer these 2 questions?
1. What kind of wire..Half hard, hard, round square, and what gauge?
2. Which pliers (and cutters) are best.

Answer 1.

I've played with it but haven't officially had a course. I use 20 gauge dead soft and you can use either round or square. The idea is to loop the names, not bend them. They look better that way. I just use a small pair of chain nose to do the job and any cutter that is within reach. Just look online for ideas as to how to do the more difficult letters. Do a google image search for "wire name".

Answer 2.
Wire names can be done with round wire but most of the old time wire workers used square wire, preferably open seam square gold filled wire. The square wire folds back on itself better than round wire and twists well to make a rope look brace at the bottom of wire names. GF wire looks nice much longer than sterling.

It can be done with dead soft, but again, the old work was done with hard wire, often not just half hard but full hard wire. The harder the wire the less likely to be unbent and the better spring for the pin back if you are making name pins. 21 gauge is common, some use 22 or 20. 24 can be used for earrings.

I actually started in the jewelry business making name pins back in 1965. I've made thousands of them from hard GF wire. Haven't made any for a couple of years, though.

You can find several previous posts about wire names in this forum using the ADVANCED SEARCH button at the top of each thread. Set your date back a couple of years. Here's one of several:

Use the best round nose pliers you can afford (Lindstrom?) and good flush cutting diagonal top cutters (useful for making the diagonal sharp point at the end of the pin stem.)

Answer 3
Here is an online tutorial for wire names I managed to learn quite a lot from this site.

Its interesting that there is no continuity in wire type (soft, hard) and gauge..Like everything else in this business, trial and error!

Answer 4

Depends on your skill level and strength. Softer, smaller is easier to bend but not as sturdy.

If you look at the folks on the fair & crafts show circuit who are making these names for a living you'll find hard temper 21gauge square wire is very common. But it's not the only thing you can use.

When I started the circuit each year I had to put band-aids on the palm of my hand and on a couple of fingers until I built back the calluses.

Answer 5
I have Preston's wire name package, and love it! Make sure it's something you really want to pursue. Maybe practice from the information from some of the sites others have shared.

I have no complaints at all with the name writing package I purchased. Possibilities are endless with names or initials. They can be fancy or just plain. I have customers who prefer just initials inside a circle or heart, others like their first name. Wire name writing is so fun, and it doesn't just have to be names. I've done several web sites, and businesses in wire for give-a-ways at Chamber Mixers.

You can make $$$ and it doesn't take a lot of wire to do so.
Anyway, I'm rambling, but I get so excited when it comes to wire names.
Here's the link to Preston's site.

I got so excited, I forgot to answer your questions on wire. I like 24 and 21 half hard. For initials I use 20g. I work harden the wire by pulling it through my polishing cloth. Round wire is my favorite to use. Square is hard at first because it wants to twist a bit, but as you practice, it's pretty easy. I love to use square and twist it in my wire twister, it gives the wire sort of a diamond looking cut.

Practice with brass and copper, then move up to gold filled and sterling.

Answer 6
Here is another site that offers download tutorials:


Answer 7

Yesterday after I made the above post, I decided to contact the owner and ask a few questions. many pages is his book, does it show all the letters of the alphabet, how detailed are his instructions, and a few more....

I received his response this morning and wow, there actually is a person who customer service person:

The ebook is 74 pages. It includes all the Letters (Capital and lower case with diagrams) as well as two examples of making a complete name, and other techniques and tips.

Attached is a pdf of the lower case letter "t". The text uses techniques described earlier in the manual, so don't worry if you don't understand some of the techniques, they are explained.

Answer 8
The name bending Package is a bit cheaper than Preston's, and a hard copy of the ebook might be helpful to some. I like the DVD's and of course if you purchase the package deal at Andy the Name Benders site, you would have both. From looking at his site, his style is similar to Preston's. I of course would not purchase another series on bending names because I have Preston's and like the style.

Answer 9

I also have Preston's name writing package. I found it difficult to watch and at the same time create the letters, stopping the dvd and then restarting and stopping, etc.

The print ebook would be easier for me with it sitting on my desk, lap or tray, practicing the creation of the letters.

I did a massive search for others who have tutorials on this art, spent more time than I would want to mention in research. I also have the Wire Artist's Magazine issues with all the letters. They are in so many issues, not all in one place.

I guess it depends on how you doing, seeing, reading. We learn differently and I just offered this as another option.

Wirenut, where are you located? Do you remember Preston's bulletin board? Do you have a website? What type of wire name pieces have you done? I'd love to see your creations.

Answer 10

No web site yet but working slowly on one. When I get a camera, I'll show you some pics.

I make more initials than names, and as I said in a post earlier, I've done quiet a few for businesses and web sites for Chamber Mixers. My day job allows me to attend quiet a few around town events and is a good place to been seen.

In the other post, I intended to mention I bought my Name Kit from Preston when he first introduced it. Paid $199. And yes I remember Preston's board. It didn't last too long after I found it because a few bad apples went to another board that I won't mention and blasted him after all the help he had given he closed his board. Funny thing, that very board had a lot of trouble and is now closed! The supply store is still open, though.

I remember you I believe wrote a 'how to sell on eBay' book. Are you selling on eBay?I'm from Texas.I forgot to add. When I started watching Preston's DVD's, After he showed how to do a name. I stopped and made that name without watching. This really helped me learn and make lots of mistakes. I have a cigar box full of some really funny looking names :-)

Answer 11

Yes, I'm still selling on eBay under many different usernames. Etsy, too.

I, too, remember the board, and how active it was. It seemed fast and furious at times, helpful as this board is, and I agree, that Preston helped alot of us. I am a gold member on his site for purchasing products, and I was interviewed for his ebook by him, via the telephone. We spoke at length.

I never attended any of his boot camps, though I heard they were great. The bead shop owner here on the Cape, attended and does beautiful wire wrapping, Preston style.

How big are the intials you do? Small for pendants, or larger like a quarter or half dollar? If you don't mind sharing...what do you sell them for? Since there are not too many people doing them, it might be helpful for us to know what your price point is, and how much wire is used in creating an inital letter?

I have no clue how much wire you would need to start with to do a name. Years ago, I bought my name done in gold wire at a fair. Still have it and it looks great!

Answer 12
I've never attended a boot camp either, but a friend of mine did and it was an experience of a lifetime for her. According to her, Preston and Mary rolled out the 'Red Carpet.'

I too have spoke to both of them on the phone and it's such fun. They are such regular folks, and most of the conversations were not business oriented, just regular talk.

Anywho, I sometimes think people who are not in business for themselves, don't realize all the work involved, not to mention being on call 24/7.

Gosh your pricing question is a bit hard to answer, but I'll try. It all depends on wire used, size and time. I'm not much for a 'stand-a-lone' initial. Most of mine go in a circle, heart, square, diamond, shaped frame. I never have cared for 'jump ring' type bails, so I make the frames with a wrapped bail. Just my personal preference.

Preston teaches making the names as small as possible, however mine are all different sizes from 1/2 in. to 1-2 inches. Again this depends on the frame I display it in and the type of wire, gold filled being on the high end. Then there's beads, birthstones and trinkets, that are added to some designs.

I'm by no means hedging your pricing question, but my prices vary so much. For something really simple, $15. Fancy $45 and up. Hope this makes sense.
As for how much wire to make an initial or name, I try to visualize the twist and folding over of the wires, and also depends on that particular initial or name. The best example I guess would be the letter 'A' 1/2in. would probably use 5in. leaving enough of a tail on each end to attach to the frame.

This is just a ballpark figure for Pendants only. Earrings, bracelets, rings, and home decor are another ball of wax...wire :-)

I'll try to help all I can, and hope some of this makes sense.

Answer 13
Does Preston still do boot camps? I just purchased his small business program and would really like to do whatever I can to improve my skills at this art.

I don't think I have ever been as serious as I am about this skill and would like to know more about it.

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