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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wire Name Costings

During my early involvement in selling wire name craft, off line and online, I have made a few mistakes especially in my costings. I spend quite a lot but my profits were not enough to cover the cost of wires. So this year, I will be increasing the price of my wirename.

I have used up most of my colourful wires. The good thing is that I am getting quite a following from my local customers in kota kinabalu, sabah about my wirename keychain.

I bought each artistic wire spool,6 yards long from 6 yards=18feet. I used 2 feet long wire for 1 keychain. SO, I will make 9 keychains for each 6 yard spool of wire. 9 keychains= RM7x9:RM63. My cost is:RM22.30. So my profit is RM40 for each spool.

How to Really Make Money Making Crafts

Treat your new venture as a craft business. That is, do the cost analysis first. Here is an EXTREMELY simplified version of a jewelry business.

* Figure out how much it will cost to make what you want to sell
o Cost of materials
o Money for your time
o Cost of rent/electricity/tools/rental/etc

* Figure out how much your craft would sell for
o Go to fairs/internet sites/craft shows
o See what similar items sell for in stores
o Ask friends what they would pay for such an item

* Compare the 2 numbers after adding in marketing costs to see if there is a profit
o Cost of Advertising/Marketing/Packaging
o How many would you have to sell to make a profit
o Double check to see if you missed any of the costs
o Can you afford the startup costs?

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