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Thursday, November 20, 2008

WireName Abstract Design

This morning I am quite free to post my latest design to this blog.I decided to do something different from what I used to do. I used a combination of handprint, footprint and butterfly shape design with my younger bro's name in it.

Later this afternoon, I gotta go somewhere to do some other church related work.

Enjoy this post. I am sure that if you put sometime in learning this craft, one day you will be able to bend your own name and people will want to buy your craft.

Wire Name Crafter's Basic Tools

a. Jaw Pliers : A must have for wire working! This fixes mistakes. Simply undo your design, pull the pliers over the wire and once again you have a straight ,kink-free piece of wire

b. Flat Jaw Pliers: Also used to straighten,adjust and flatten your design.

c. Wire Cutter: Self explanatory.

d. The most important and most used tool in bending wire name. I use this as my main tool together the flat jaw pliers. You need it for the 'round' edge of your design.

Be Strong!!in every situation. Remember that you are NOT alone!Before I started making today's wire name, I told my self ,"Be Strong!!" and I personalized it by bending it using wire. Ya we need to be strong and don't give up!

Today, I am going to share about using ABSTRACT DESIGN in wire name craft. You can bend any design that comes to your mind~ there's no LIMIT in what you can or cannot do. It's entirely up to you.

Hand Shaped Design as the outline for my latest creation

Footprint's design at the end of the name wire. This footprint talks about God's guidance and leading. Read the bible to know His will. His Word is like a light and lamp unto our feet

A close up view of the butterfly shape Butterfly shape was used simple because it's a beautiful creation by God.

Both My trademark wire name logo and my bro's name (or any name) and the footprint design

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A close up view of my younger bro's name

The end result!!!

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