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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Personalized Encouragement For Everyone!

Everyone needs Encouragement!

I, for one, was feeling a bit down today. I am facing some difficulties in my life, challenges in personal life, ministry, family and in business. I was at the brink of 'giving up!'.

Yes, the 'dreaded word' eventually came across my mind.I thought about it and suddenly the Lord reminded me about the reason why I am doing what I am doing now.

I've come so far and I have persevered and I've promised myself that I am going to do my best in every area of my life and although I've made lots and lots of mistakes and I repented and He gave me the power to stop sinning and Jesus had never given up on me.

Although sometimes it feels as if I was about to 'fall' , God's grace is sufficient for me! I ain't giving up! I am going Forth!!I will FIGHT a good fight!! Because God is gracious to me!! I will not FEAR! I will not TREMBLE!! I will P.U.S.H!! P:Pray U:Until S:Something H:Happen

Then last night, I was reading about adsense and adwords in Amit Mehta's blog ( and he mentioned about 'Super Affiliate Mindset'.

I felt that The LORD was speaking to me! I felt REFRESHED! REVIVED! AND STRONGER!!

I believe that it doesn't apply to only Internet Marketer , it applies to everyone!.

He said this ," Are You Hitting Your Affiliate Pain Threshold? I was talking to my personal trainer the other day and we were talking about what it really takes to be super successful as an athlete.

I mean what really separates someone like Kobe Bryant from an average NBA player? Anyone who plays for the NBA is obviously a top top athlete at that level.

My personal trainer, who competed at the national level for the 200m and 400m in track, told me about a concept that his coach taught him called the “pain threshold”.

Every athlete has a pain threshold at which point there body starts to shuts down. They become tired, fatigued, their performance drops. Top athletes are able to continually push their pain threshold higher and higher until fly past everyone else.

Breaking through your pain threshold is 100% mental.

There’s a pain threshold in ppc affiliate marketing as well.

Whether you ever become a super affiliate all depends on whether you can continually break through your pain threshold, pushing it higher and higher.

Every single person that I’ve coached and that has failed, has failed because they couldn’t handle the pain.

They quit after 1,2 or 3 failed campaigns. They hide under their bed and tucked their tail under their tail between their legs like a scared little puppy dog.

Don’t be that scared little puppy dog 6 months from now.

Yeah, you may feel confident right now, you’re excited. But can you handle getting the wind knocked out you a few times?

I went 15 campaigns with NO RESULTS.

What if I had stopped after the first 10 failed ppc campaigns and said : “This business is a scam, ppc affiliate marketing doesn’t work!”

Don’t for a minute think that becoming a super affiliate is going to be an easy ride. There’s time when a lot of doubt will creep into your mind.

There’s times when you’ll feel really frustrated, and even anger.

As long as you get back up every time you get knocked down and learn from you mistakes, you’re breaking through your pain threshold.

Can YOU handle the pain? ," Quote Amit Mehta

After that one of the guys comment lead me to 'FACING THE GIANT' vid clip HERE

During those 'low period' of my life, I took my wire, one round nose pliers, flat pliers and I began to bend the words spoken in the youtube vid clip. Praise the Lord! While I was bending the wire, I felt the words of encouragement spoken by the coach in the vid clip became PERSONAL to me. I was PERSONALIZING the word , NEVER GIVE UP!

I felt released after praying and at the same time bending wire. For your info, all these while, most of the time I will be bending names, now I was bending a personalized encouragement to myself:-)

I hope all those reading this article will also be encouraged!

Facing The Giant!!

When you are

facing the giants

of FEAR and FAILURE....

Hold NOTHING back!

Do Not Lose HEART..

Do Not STOP!!!

Do Not QUIT!!!

Do Not Stop FIGHTING!!

NEVER let anyone tell you that you can't do it!!!

NEVER Give Up!!!

See 'Facing The Giant' Movie Clip


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