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Monday, January 23, 2012

Wire Jewelry Step by Step: Amy (Pendant)

Wire Jewelry Step by Step : Amy 

Maggie has worked hard on this tutorial for all the people looking for a kickstart in learning wirename crafts. So Thanks to Maggie=) 

During my early days, He tutorials helped me a lot! 

Before I start the lessons, you need to know a few things.

1. The wire can not be too soft. If you start with the soft wire, your names are not
going to be easy to make them latter on. 28 g. round is good.

2. If you use sq. wire you need to pay attention every time you bend it because it will
twist, for sure. {In this case you need square nose pliers to untwist it}

3. Always pinch the wire from the back when bending.
Do not unbend (Go back to do it better} because it will brake

4. Make sure your work is flat and even while you are working the piece otherwise is
going to be difficult to do it later.

5. Get 15 inches of wire so you practice more than once.

6. Be patient, maybe the first few times is not what you expect but practice will get
you there. {My first one looked like a license plate in zig zag big and uneven}

Now here we go on the wire name lessons:

         Lesson #                    Description
       One                     Amy
       Two                    Beth
       Three                  Mother
       Four                   Cindy
       Five                    Diane
        Six                      Evelyn
     Seven                 Ruby
     Eight                  Frida

Tools You Need
  1. Wire,
  2. cutters,
  3. round nose pliers
  4. {maybe square nose pliers.}

Happy twisting!!!!!!

Now here we go on the wire name lessons:

TUTORIAL 1 : “Amy” Pendant

1. Start about 1½ inches from the end of the wire, turning the long piece of the wire to the
front of the pliers; make a loop {one complete circle}.

2. Working on the long piece of the wire; pinch a little less than ½ of an inch and bend to
the back.

3. Press it down at the top, roll the top to the right just a little bit. You are rolling two wires
together (picture #1)

4. Working on the back of the wire; grasp it at the top and bend it up. (picture #2)

5. Grasp it at the top of the “A” and bring all the way down. (picture #3)

6. Grasp it at the bottom of the “A” (second leg) making sure the wire is on the front; and
bring it to the left all the way around the pliers (you have made another loop and the front
part of the cross of the “A”)

7. Grasp it at the cross of the “A” this time in the front and bring the wire around and to
the back of the “A”. Hide this wire behind the one in the front.( It should looks like the
picture # 4)

8. Press it down a little bit. To clamp it.

9. Grasp the wire next to the tip of the loop (picture #5) bring it down to make a hump. 

10. Grasp at the bottom (should be even with second loop) bring it back and up, pressing a
little at the foot of the first hump.

11. Grasp in the back the top of the leg you just made and bring it over to the right.
(second hump)

12. Grasp the wire and bend it to the back and up again; grasp it in the back and make
another hump. You should have a complete “m”. 

13. Grasp it on the bottom of the “m” bend wire to the right and up; grasp the wire at the
top; make it even with the “m” and bring down. Press it a little. You got the first leg of the

14. Grasp it at the bottom bring to the right and up.

15. Grasp it at the top (a little higher than the first part of the “y:”) bring it to the back and
down; press it at the top and roll the two wires together a little bit. (you should have the
“y” )

16. From the back grasp the tail (wire should be in front of the pliers) bring to the left and
up to the right.

17.Now, take the end; grasp it a little higher than the tip of the “A (look at the picture for reference) and bend it up, fold it back and around the pliers twice, to form a double loop; then around the wire twice to finish it; cut the excess in the back. This is for the chain; do the same with the piece of wire that you left in
the very beginning. Finish filing the ends and carefully crimp the ends. Polish it a little and
Enjoy it!!!

 Congratulations you finish the name. 

You can go to other tutorials by clicking the link below. Thank you.

        Lesson #                    Description
       One                     Amy
       Two                    Beth
       Three                  Mother
       Four                   Cindy
       Five                    Diane
        Six                      Evelyn
     Seven                 Ruby
     Eight                  Frida

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