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Friday, October 7, 2011

My Wedding Fund

Thank you for visiting our page! We just started this to help us fund our dream wedding!

The money collected will go towards...Our wedding reception dinner that will be held at Rainny's hometown in Penampang on the 10th Dec (Sat) 2011 at Pusat Kebudayaan Sabah, Penampang.

I am asking for support to make sure our wedding can still happen as originally planned.

The money collected will go towards photography, food catering, property rental, and sound system.

To keep some of our plans for the ceremony and reception we are asking for your help since our financial situation has changed since the plans were originally put into motion.

Any and all supports are appreciated more then we can express to you here.

The help we receive will make our day even more special knowing that our friends and family supported us in this celebration.

Supporters can also donate direct to my bank accounts
Full Name: Cornelius Henry
a. Maybank , 110108248806
b. CIMB, 10130000345525

If you are unable to support financially, please share this link with others and pray for our marriage and ministry and that the Lord would open the door for us.


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