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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Custom Keychain with Colour: Practical and Classy, But Cheap!

Custom Keychain for Sale 

Keychains are  virtually best-selling keepsakes for everyone. What causes keychains so hot? It is because of its usefulness.  Oftentimes we possess a few: for house, for workplace,  cars, for our letter box. More or less most of us even hold keys for neighbours, kinsfolk or friends houses. Then, what is the most effective method to organise our keychains?

With several keychains of course! This is why my custom keychains comes in handy.

For Malaysian

Colours Available: Pink, Purple, Silver, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.
Postage: RM3.50 for up to 10 JKeychains.  (Sabah)
              RM5.00 for up to 10 Keychains (Sarawal & Peninsular Malaysia)
Payment Option: Local Bank transfer via Maybank or CIMB.

For international buyer, you may ORDER and Pay using PAYPAL.

International Buyer 

Colours Available: Pink, Purple, Silver, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.
Minimum Order: 30 Units
Payment Option: Local Bank transfer via TT or Paypal.
Postage will be confirmed later.


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