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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shardiey's Wirename Keychain Order

Yesterday, a wirename keychain's fan from my wirename fanpage contacted me through SMS asking if she can order her keychains through sms. I told her,"why not!". This is not the first time someone SMSed me to order. I was really excited because I have been getting more orders this week. Must be because of Valentine's Day. People are looking for Valentine's Day gift and the best gifts are the one that are personal and unique. My keychains fits this description and are best given as gifts.

Maybe some of you are wondering how do I go about processing my customer's order. Am I right?

First of all, My customers usually will contact me through email, through my fanpage, by SMSing me their intention. They usually sms me like this

Customer: Hi, I want to order wirename keychains. How to order?

Me: Hi, How did you know about my wirename keychain? What are the names? Your address?

Customer: I found your keychain by typing random keywords on Google. Saw the picture and found your blog. I want #1Name  #2 Name  #3Name. My address is .......

Me: Ok. Sure. I will start doing it as soon as I can. 1 keychain is RM10 for up to 10 letters. Additional letters will be charged RM1 per letter. Free keyring and ribbon. Additional beads RM1, add coloured bell RM1. Postage will be RM5 for maximum 10 keychains to any states in Malaysia. The total price will be RM....Please transfer RM...into my Maybank account,110108248806, Cornelius Henry.

Customer: Ok sure. Thanks. I will bank in the total amount as soon as I can.

after a while....

Customer: Hi, I have tranfered RM... into your maybank account. Please check and proceed with my orders.

Me: Thanks., I am in the midst of doing your keychain. I will post tomorrow morning

Customer: Thanks.

The next day, I will go to the local post office and buy a Post Express Envelope that cost RM3.50. RM1.50 is my fuel and processing charges.

Me: Hi, I have posted your keychains. This is your POST Express tracking number. LE123456778MY. You can go to to check. Thanks for your order! Please visit my blog at to learn how you too can bend your own wirename keychain.

Customer: Ok Thanks.

Me: You can expect to receive you keychains in 2 or 3 days time.

End of SMS.

I want to takes care of my customers because I want to make it big as a wirename crafter in Malaysia. I might start writing a book about this craft when the time comes and my previous customer will be the first to know about it=)

Anyway, I am writing this at a cafe called Bull Frog Kitchen Cafe, Donggongon, Penampang enjoying a glass of iced Nescafe and their FREE Wifi.=)

In the meanwhile, please enjoy the latest pictures of the keychains that I make today.

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