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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How To Upload Your Crafts Photos In Ebay

Use a Good Photo or No Photo!

Yes, it’s that serious. YOU GOTTA HAVE A GOOD PICTURE OR PEOPLE CAN’T SEE ALL THE DETAILS AND THEY WON’T BUY. Good photos sell jewelry and bad photos just take up space.

In the past, putting photos on Ebay was not as easy as now. The photo had to be put on a server and then transferred onto Ebay. Sometimes my photos would go into the wrong listing and it was impossible to match the right photo with the listing. Now photos can be uploaded right from your computer into your Ebay listing. It’s quick and easy.

I suggest working with a digital camera. You don’t need a very expensive camera—the cheaper cameras are actually better since they have automatic settings that make all the adjustments for you. You just point and shoot. BUT the camera you choose must have a macro lens for those good close-up pictures. Ebay also sizes all photos for you now. This eliminates listings that take forever to pull up. A listing that takes longer than about 5 seconds longer to load will never work on Ebay. And always take low-resolution photos for use on the Internet.

A successful Ebayer always has clear and accurate photos. The photos don’t have to be works of art but just clear and with true colors. We never had anyone return an item because it wasn’t what they wanted. Although there has been a lot of discussion about scanning jewelry, I was never able to scan jewelry--especially three-dimensional jewelry--with any luck.

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