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Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Would You Do If You Received BULK ORDER for your handcrafts?

Craft business is exciting and challenging at the same time. As a businessman, I enter this craft business to make reasonable profits that will supplement my income. However, I found that, as a wirename artist, I also want to share this crafts with people even without considering the cost Or to sell it at the cost price.

Setting a price for my wirename keychain is one of the hardest things to do in this craft business. I certainly find this difficult when people order my key chains in a bulk.Never before in my life as a wirename artist, someone ordered 500+ keychain. I am thankful but at the same time I am challenged as I am the sole wirename crafters in my 'small home-based company':-)I, me and myself.Looks like I really need to train someone to Bend the Wire Name Keychain.

You know what, I think I will get my ebook done a.s.a.p where I will write down about wirename, about how to start a home based craft business offline and online, about how to look for good supplier, tools and equipment (this wirename business doesn't need expensive tools), tutorials on how to bend the letters and the insiders tips for beginners. Wow, lot's of things to be done. But I think that I want to write it in Bahasa Malaysia. So that I can use it to train people and who knows that I will use it to teach a wirename class. Charged them some fees and provide the tools that they can bring. And this will lead me to become a supplier? hmm...I think that I am not interested to become a craft supplier for wirename arts.

Thank God, I found are selling most of the things needed wirename craft business like wires (they have gold filled wires, sterling silver, craft wires, pliers, beads (sometimes I used beads to beautify my wirename), and now they are offering 10% discounts for the 3 main pliers that I used to bend my wirename. I bought the same round nose pliers from a shop in Kota Kinabalu and I paid RM40 just for one tool. If you get this pliers set from them, you only pay RM50 for the round nose plier, flat nose plier and wire cutter.

3 Most Essential Professional Stainless Steel Pliers Set (Pkg A) RM50.00
Save: 17% off.

What will you do if some ordered your handcrafts in a bulk?

Recently, I received 500 hundreds over orders for my wirename keychain. Yeah, you guess it rightly..Valentine's day is coming and people are looking for some unique and cheap personalized gifts.'s a special session for couples. As for me, I am one that thinks that this Valentine's day is just like other day. Nothing special:-).Sorry:-) But I really think as such.

For me, 'valentine's day' is a daily thing. We MUST do it on a daily basis.We don't wait for 14th February to say 'I LOVE YOU'.What about the rest of the 364days? Don't we all want to express The CONTENTS hearts to our loved ones?

Recently, I read the bible about LOVE. The bible is full of LOVE.Love is a way of Life. I try to bend my wirename with God's love in my heart. Put so much passion into it because each wirename keychain is special just like the person receiving it. None of my wirename are the same, though it looks similar but each wirename has it's own uniqeness. It depends on the emotions and the expressions of my heart.

Wow. Lot's of things to learn. I am a creative person. I play the guitar,bass, piano, drums and bass, and I sing,and recently I picked up wirenames. This craft helps me to express myself in a unique way and because there are only a few who 'bend names' in Kota Kinabalu, I managed to make some money to supplement my income. Little by little, I am getting things in order..learning to maximize profits and minimizing my cost. Learning many ways(paid or free) to promote my wirename. I found that online marketing is more effective and I can reach more people from all over the world. Next, I need to learn about how to package and send to everyone worldwide.

till then, I need to continue doing my wirenam,targeting to bend 100 names per day before valentine's day.


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All the best,

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