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Monday, August 11, 2008

Handphone dangle

This morning while waiting for my friend to call me for our appointment, I took a few minutes to make these. A combination of blue, red and black colour. These 3 colours always blend together. My favourites colours.

A personalized handphone dangles? yeah..nice isn't it? have you seen any of these in the handphone shop? I doubt it..because I've never seen one.:-) and because it's a personalized craft, you can't make the same like it again. Yeah, everytime I bend wires into names, every wire name is depends on my emotions at the time I am bending the wires, depends on what I eat, and etc....

It's just like music. The way I play now is not the same like the way I play's really depends on my physical, my soul and my affect my art.

I really like especially the jazz musicians, some of them that I met said to us (in a jazz clinic), he said 'if I eat char koey teow' today..I also play like 'char koey teow'.For me, it sounds funny and a bit 'offensive' for those char koey teow lover.hehe..However, there are some truths in it..whatever we put inside us, that we 'entertain' in our hearts eventually will comes out. Somehow, when we play will also be reveled. It's an art is something that you do to express what is in your heart.

Ok Ok....what's that got to do with the pictures below? haha..good question. Last night I slept late, and I woke up very early this morning and until now I am still waiting:) And I began to feel restless and impatient. So rather than releasing that 'restlessnes' in a negative ways like dwelling in it too much, I decided to think of the power of Jesus' blood..and also the vision of the ministry I am now...God's grace in know Jesus and to make Him known..

SO I spend my time waiting doing this. I hope you all enjoy it. You can also try to bend wires on your own.

Grace Borneo Handphone dangle

Closer view

Nice combinations of colours?

height : 0.55mm
Selling price?? maybe around RM8.


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