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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Personalized Wire Name Craft??

What service do I offer? I offer you a personalized wires.

Meaning that you can get your name shaped from wires. These wires are made of stainless steel wires and can be scupltured into bookmarks, key chains, handphone tags or photo holder.Although, my best sellers are key chains and handphone dangles (these are the easiest to make) , some people don't mind paying extra to get something that can be put on their table.

I practice hard and try to bend one wire name keychain within 3-5 minutes.

Initially, I hurt my fingers trying to learn the art of bending like Beckham, and then I realize that I need to practice, practice and practice. So I copied some beautiful sculptured wirename from the internet, then I bought 1/2 kg G.I wires, then I got myself 4 different types of pliers, then with my 2 bare hands, I try to bend it like *beckham...hehe..but after a while, I got the hang of it and started making decent looking wirename.

Let's repeat that'll make a beautiful wirenames.

At first I gave it as gifts to my closest friends but not long after that some of my friends says that, can make some money out of these on your free time. So I started a project with our youths at church and I took out about RM150 to buy the intial tools and boom...we've got a money making project among the youths.

I began to practice more so that I can make better wirename and to make people happy receiving my wirename. Usually I share a verse that comes from the book of Isaiah...that talks about God's calling us according to our name. I am also training some people in this craft so that we can target more people.

My main motivation is not the money. It's the opportunity to share with other people the faith that I have and also the opportunity to express myself in a creative way such as bending wire names.

How do I practice? I searched for pics from the net and I try to copy the way they bend each letters...small or big capital letters. However, I noted that each wire name artist has their own 'trademark' style of bending.

the most difficult letters to bend? letter X,

Ok enough of the technical parts. Let me explain a little bit about these wirenames.Wirenames are a great personalized gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, Love Gifts, Anniversary, Mother's day and etc...

Names are made of stainless steel wire, bronze, and colourful craft wires and these can be sculptured into bookmarks, keychains,handphone tags or photo holders.It is both durable and non-rust.

It is an ideal gift with a personal touch. Our gifts to our loved ones will never be the same again when you add names to them.

You and your friends will be thrilled to receive a carefully hand-sculptured art piece with your or your friend's name.


You can have all the skills under your belt that you need in this ebook to make a constant $1,574 a week, or even more, you can sell more from the comfort of your own home through a website or ebay !

Or you can just add to your hobby list with the added bonus of being able to make Birthday and Christmas presents !

If you decide to purchase, I really wish you the best of luck with this amazing skill that has seen me through all these years..

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All the best,

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