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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

wirename~ table decoration

Hi there,

Early this morning I made this wire name that function as a table decoration. If you put it on your table, I am sure that your friends that comes near your table will be attracted to it and will ask you questions.

This wirename craft is unique and it's one of the 'niche' in craft business. If you are looking for a niche. You might want to consider this as your niche.

What is wirename niche? does it fall under the category of wires? category of crafts? or jewelery?

For me, it falls under the category of creative craft that uses wires. Same as wire beads.When I tried selling my wire name through ebay, I found out that so many people are selling wire name here.Some selling it cheaply, some selling it expensively.But, I see the potential for this niche market.

Simple economic theory : the supply and demand theory. If there's a supply, surely there are demands for the product because without demands, the supply will not strive. I can try to sell wirename keychain on ebay or any other place but if there's no enough WANTS for my product, I cannot profit.I need to be at least reach the breakeven level in order for me to continue my business in wire name niche industry.

Being a newbie in this niche market is exciting. I am thankful to those websites that help me to cut my learning curve by sharing their wirename pics online where I can see and learned by trying to bend wires according to the their pictures.

However, as I develop my skill as a part time wire name artist, I realized that as time passed, and as I practiced bending wire name, that I also develop my own way or style to bend wires into names. I also believe that anyone can learn to bend wires. As long as they practice and practice and try to bend wires for themselves. It not hard. It's doable.You just have to get your hands 'dirty' by doing it yourself.

My first product was a keychain. I bought a cheap Galvanized Iron (G.I) wires, and I borrowed 3 types of pliers and bought 1 more pliers from the local electrical shop that sell pliers. And I started bending names through trial and error and through 'copying' from free sources on the internet.

Then I upgraded myself. I bought a roll of stainless steel wires from the local hardware shop for RM 10.50 for 1 roll (5ft) size 1.0mm. Then, later on as I managed to sell my wire name I ordered my beautiful coloured wire craft

As for the finished product,one of the best wire names are made by PRESTON REUTHER (MASTER WIRE SCULPTOR)


He is also a self-taught jewellery designer who specializes in wire sculpted jewellery. He design hand-crafted gemstone wire jewellery in a small shop in his home with a few simple jewellers tools, homemade wire twister and wire cutters. It has taken him a lifetime to develop his "GOLD WIRE SCULPTING SYSTEM".

He used some of these techniques since he was ten years old. At twelve he won his first award "The Mr. Bingle Christmas Ornament Award" in New Orleans La. over 39 years ago. BOY! A lot has changed since then. The art of making jewellery from wire is nothing new. Man has done it for thousands of years.

But he has taken his particular method of wire sculpture with his copyrighted designs and have turned it into a Complete Home Business that anyone can start and run right from their kitchen table in their own home.

Go and visit his website

Secondly, you can go

Here, you can buy e-books to learn wire name. Handmade Wire Jewelry By Wire Creations - Wire jewelry handmade with gold filled wire, sterling silver wire, cabochons, and faceted stones including bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, and wire names.

You can also download a free e-book from here:

Free Beginner's ebook

All the tools are available for you if you want to learn this craft. You just have to invest your time, a litle bit of cash to buy the tools and wires. If you are short of cash, you can just buy the tools and try to look for as many wirename pics that you could get and learn from them by copying how they bend their names.

Don't worry if your wire name is not as good as theirs...they have gone through the steep learning curve in order to be where there are now. They practiced, practiced, and practiced until they are very good at it.

Lastly, I would like to share with you my latest creation.:-) Enjoy.

View from above

View from sideways

View from above (close up)

close up

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All the best,


Mei (WireBliss) said...

Hi there! Very nice wire name. I have been wanting to explore into this wire name "thingy" but I haven't got the time. So far only managed to make 2 the most.
Thank you for sharing and I may just start very soon.
Btw, I am very near you - in Kuching :)
Nice knowing you.


consxavier said...

thanks for your comment. Are you interested to exchange link?

Mei (WireBliss) said...

yeah no problem with the link exchange. Leave me a comment in my blog once you are done and I will link back to you. Hear from you :)



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