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Sunday, August 17, 2008


I made this ring using a bronze craft wire. Made this within 10 minutes.

Ring? When you hear that word, what comes to your mind? For some, it'll be the Box Office
Movie, the Lord of the ring. In this movie, it was shown as having an evil power to corrupt anyone that wears it.
However, in this post I wouldn't write in that context. I would see a ring in terms of LOVE, a covenant.It'll be deemed as a symbol of love, symbol of a convenant between lovers, husband and wife. It is most used as a sign of 'Oneness' between 2 person. It is also a sign of promise.
A promise ring can mean different things to different person and before giving this tangible symbol of a commitment, individuals should be certain their promise will be easily understood not only by the person wearing the ring, but by others who may misconstrue the intent of the promise.
Promise rings are small, beautiful pieces of jewelry that are often given between friends or couples to represent a commitment. The most common promise represented by a ring is a precursor to an engagement when a promise ring is exchanged instead of a true engagement ring because the couple may not be the right age to get engaged or they may have financial or other difficulties to overcome before they choose to become fully engaged and set a wedding date.

There are many other meanings that can be attributed to promise rings, however, and they can be exchanged between many types of people, including parents and children, best friends, or between an already married couple.

Depending on the type of promise ring and how it is given, it can mean many things. The most popular promises represented by diamond and gemstone rings include:

Friendship: Best friends may exchange complementary or identical rings to symbolize their enduring relationship, particularly if they are moving away from one another and will not be together frequently. The ring can serve as a reminder of their friendship and their commitment to keep in touch.

Purity: A promise ring may be used as a tangible symbol of purity, either from a pledge to remain sexually abstinent until marriage or a promise to remain pure from undesirable influences, such as drinking, smoking, or drugs.

Religion: Religious promise rings can represent a commitment to a specific faith or a more specialized part of that faith, such as following a particular saint or performing a consecrated role in the church.

Monogamy: A promise of fidelity may be represented by a beautiful ring, whether it is exchanged between a young couple or a married couple who may have experienced an adulterous intrusion into their relationship.

Promise rings can also symbolize any number of other promises and commitments, such as:

Breaking a bad habit

Keeping a secret

Renewing a commitment to a task or lifestyle change

Promising to care for a new child or new family

In fact, there is no promise that cannot be represented by a carefully chosen, thoughtfully given ring. As long as both the giver and the recipient are fully aware of what the ring represents, the unending circle of that ring can symbolize the unending commitment to that promise.

The ring is the symbol of LOVE. The ring is the language of love, generally the ring is worn in the left hand. According to the western traditional custom, it is connected with your heart, therefore, talking about the ring worn on the left hand is meaningful. Internationally popular wearing is:

The index finger -------- want to marry, expression unmarried.

Middle finger --------already in love.

The third finger -------- have already been engaged or married.

Little finger --------- single.

Ring is not only a accessory, which kind of ring you like to wear, and which finger you like to wear on, all can reveal your moral nature stories..

Rings are something most people wear. The two rings in this lesson are simple yet fun to wear. Both rings are simple to make and loved by all ages.

The ring in it's final form

OK - here are the tools you will need. Wire cutters, round-nose plier, normal plier,about 9" of wire (I used 18 ga. square gold filled), a finger ring-sizer, and a ring mandrel about the size of our finger.

The ring in it's pre-final form
I learned to make rings by looking at pictures that can be found easily on the internet. It is something that everyone, I believe, can learn to do if they take some time to learn. It is a good hobby. I would recommend anyone to learn this art. But again I do agree that not everyone likes these hobby. It's alright. As long as you find your own way to express yourself..there is this creativity in you that is waiting to be expressed, to be unleashed. It's waiting to be discovered.
In the next post, will try to link up some websites that are useful to learn this craft.


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