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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are you thinking of bending your own wirename? or buying and resale it?

When I started this blog, I have 2 intentions.

1. To share my experince in bending names with others through the medium of internet. (and at the same time to share my faith with others. Everyone has their own freedom to choose to share or not to share something that they're passionate about....I choose to share it with others so that as I share, I know that I will also learn more from others)

2. I would like to learn to earn some profits selling my wirename through the internet.

When I was just starting out, after practising for 1 month and after seeing the improvement in my wirename, I asked myself. What is the best option for me? Should I bend my own wirename? or should I just order from other 'master wirename artist' and try to sell it on e-bay or

That's a good question to start with,and we as wirename crafters should think that one out before deciding to sell our wirenames online.As wire name bender, we control our stocks,our source of it,our designs.

Wirename crafters, hey!!we make one of a kind items, ONLY WE WILL HAVE THEM!But at the same time, we must take time and effort to learn to bend a wire name. We also need to realize that there can be a learning curve, it depends on what kind of wire crafts that you thinking of learning. It depends on what you are making and how are we making it. Remember the time factor!!:)

If you're getting other wirename artist to do it for you, then it does not require any of your time to bend the wirename. You can just think of how to market and sell it.

Also Remember, we only have 2 pairs of hands.Remember the time factor? When we bend our own wirename, we must realize that we have only 2 hands and if we are interested to build our own wirecraft business, then we must set aside some time for this art of bending name. What we put in it, is what we will be getting. Spend some quality time in learning to make your wirenames every week.

If you're interested to bend your own wirename, e-mail me at I could consider giving you a personal basic wirename class with a fee. (that's if you live in the same area as me:-), I live in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia)

If you want to create and learn the art of wirename bending and have long trade that no one can take from you, by all means, learn to make a personalized wire name craft, sell and market your own design. But if you want to get started for just a few dollars with very little capital and NO learning curve, then by all means, BY LOW and SELL a little bit higher!. Leave the wirename bending to the artists who love it.


You can have all the skills under your belt that you need in this ebook to make a constant $1,574 a week, or even more, you can sell more from the comfort of your own home through a website or ebay !

Or you can just add to your hobby list with the added bonus of being able to make Birthday and Christmas presents !

If you decide to purchase, I really wish you the best of luck with this amazing skill that has seen me through all these years..

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All the best,

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