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Friday, September 26, 2008

Personalized Wire Name Designer

If you're in a shopping mall, in a flea market or anywhere and you caught yourself hanging around looking through the collections in the jewelry department, I can tell that it's an obvious signs that you are a keen jewelry enthusiast. You enjoy the creativity that sparks through the handcrafted jewelry. Your family members or friends might have said that says ,'wow, so creative!" or "nice neclace you make" and etc..

If you find yourself described above, please contact me at I am looking for some ways I can train other wire name crafters at minimal cost. RM 50 to learn bending letters from A-Z. Plus: BONUS: I will teach you how to make a name pin, how to make a personalized wire name, and how to bend 'animal-shaped' personalized wire name.

After the personal 1 to 1 course with me, it will help you earn higher price for you wire name and you can open a stall anywhere you like. Remember that this personalized wire name is a trade. Meaning that you can bring it with you anywhere you like. You just need a few simple tools that you could bring with you anytime, and some wires and off you go on the road selling your wire name and earn some profits.

These wire names is also a good networking tools. I could strike a conversation with a complete strangers using this 'tools'. The act of bending names excites people. And after talking with them for a while, I find it very easy(personally) to share about what I do as a full time minister in the church. I share about my Faith in Christ, I encouraged them and get to know more people.. even if they don't want to hear me now...because I've had a connection with them through this wire name, I could share with them about my faith in the future


You can have all the skills under your belt that you need in this ebook to make a constant $1,574 a week, or even more, you can sell more from the comfort of your own home through a website or ebay !

Or you can just add to your hobby list with the added bonus of being able to make Birthday and Christmas presents !

If you decide to purchase, I really wish you the best of luck with this amazing skill that has seen me through all these years..

Get it HERE

All the best,

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I bought the 'How to Make Wire Names" book and I am GLAD I found it. I am a 66 yr old disabled man on dialysis and now I have a way to make a living!

Doing wire names at festivals and farmers markets and my worst day I made $100. Usually I make between $200 & $300 a day. Not bad for "working" 10 hours on a weekend.

I love what I am doing and the people I meet making wire name pins and pendants
Thanks for showing me this opportunity...

By Peter Lansing

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What Will You Get?

Now with 162 pages jam packed with Instructions and Photographs. This Skill could make all the difference to how you make money in the future..