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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tips to sale your wirename craft

As wirename crafters, please consider the following questions
a. Do we need a retail building or shop to sell their wares? Please comment:-)
b. Do we need a tremendous amount of capital to sell our wirename? Please comment
c. Do we need to spend long hours to make our wirename jewelry? Please comment.

As for me, the time factor is an issue. I am not a full time wire name artist and I have other full time job that needed me to go to places sometimes up to 1 week. I realize that an artist cannot bend his wirenames and then spend all day selling his wire name.

SO how do we deal with this issue? 1 way is to plan our time. Make sure we set our priorities right. One pastor shared with me about setting our priorities right with a very clear illustration. He said that setting up priorities is like buttoning up our clothes.

We MUST put on the first button,through the first button hole.When we have put on the first button, at the RIGHT rest assured that the other buttons will 'fall into its own place'. And even if the 2nd or the third button was mistakenly put into a wrong place, we can always take it out, and put it through the correct button's hole...however, if the 1st button was put into the 2nd button hole, and the 2nd buttonn hole is put on the 1st button hole...our shirt will look weird.

Wirename is an art that will help you express your creativity. However, we need to ask ourself what are the most important things in our lives? list it down according to the importance of it in our lives.

I desire to put God FIRST in my life and the rest, my God will help me and guide me in setting up my priorities.

SO the past few days, I have been doing a lot of thinking, brain-storming for ideas on how to sell my wirenames.

Please come again to my blog for more tips and please comment on the post that I wrote. Your comments are welcomed!!:-)


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