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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Give a Craft Workshop?

How to Give a Craft Workshop

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So... you've been crafting for a while... and so many people have asked you how you do that craft that you're considering putting on a workshop? Perhaps your local craft shop has an interest in you coming in to demonstrate your craft? Here are some things to consider...


  1. Think through your needs. You will need space, supplies, a method of communicating so that everyone can hear, good lighting, comfortable room, etc.
  2. Plan your presentation. Make a lesson plan of sorts... what will you say? What order will you present it in? How will you make your presentation interesting and easy to remember?
  3. Register the participants in some way... either by paying for the class or by RSVP. This will allow you to get a handle on how many people to plan for and how much you will need in the way of supplies and elbow room. This also gives you contact information for each participant so you will be able to follow up later if you want.
  4. Arrange for space. If you have a large number of potential participants and space is at a premium, you could do several smaller classes instead of one larger one. On the other hand, if you have a large room, you may need some sort of public address system so that everyone can hear.
  5. Arrange for supplies and make detailed lists of supplies necessary to do this craft. Nothing is so small that it does not matter. Things like pins, needles, measuring tape etc. can make or break the class.
  6. Space chairs and tables comfortably. Too few tables for too many people leads to frustration for both you and your students.
  7. Anticipate as many needs as you can... and make arrangements for them. The more thinking you do in advance, the less apologizing you will do during and after the class.
  8. Recruit enough helpers. If the group is over 5 people, you'll need assistants who can help each participant individually with their projects.


  • If the materials are costly, have participants either purchase their own supplies or pay for them up front when they register. Not enough materials is a major frustration and time waster.
  • It is better to have too many supplies left over than not enough. If you must err, err on the generous side.

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