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Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to Start a Handicraft Business?

Do you have the aptitude for crafting eye-pleasing, original and interesting craft items? If yes, you can turn your zeal for crafts into a profits-generating production. You will be earning from what you love to do most. Now what could be better than that?

The handicraft industry has seen a raise in demand in the past few years. More and more people are seeking out creative handmade crafts that are functional and eye-catching, yet cheaper relative to other art form such as paintings.

Areas that have experienced a surge in tourism also saw an increased demand for crafts as visitors are buying unique cultural items as keepsakes for their loved ones and friends, as well as for their own personal use.

However, you may have the skills for creating beautiful handiwork, but to start a thriving online crafts business demands a whole different set of expertise. I know because I’ve been through it.

You need to consider the following in order to start your own online craft business.
1. You need to know why you are doing this as a business. If you want to earn a living to help pay your bills, then this will no longer be just a mere hobby that you do during your free time. You’ve got to be serious. If you put in ‘hobby’ effort, you’ll get ‘hobby’ results.

2. You need to know how many people really want what you are creating. Will people buy your handicraft? In order to know, I suggest that you go and do some simple market research using ebay. For example : type the product’s keyword (for me it’ll be “personalized wire name keychain” and look at the results ‘ending today’. Look at home many products ended without any bids. This will tell you something.

3. You need to learn the basic of doing business. I am an ‘expert’ at bending wire name keychain, but the skills needed to bend wirename are not the same as the skills needed to run a business. In business, regardless of how good is your crafts or products, if you don’t know how to turn it into profits, you’ll be just wasting your time trying to build an online craft business.

4. You need to keep these to account apart. Your business account and your own personal account. In the beginning, this will not be so much of a problem. However, when you’re expanding and getting lots of orders..Sooner or later you will have to deal with taxes.

5. You need to find a suitable place to work. Make sure that it fits your needs in terms of safety, spaces, and viability. I started at home, from my rental room.
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Peter Phillips said...

I am running a handicraft business from last 2 years. I have learned a lot and now I feel stress free after using Craft Software. It made my work much easier.



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