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Friday, October 23, 2009

What has this blog got to do with New Zealand Natural?

Hi guys,

Sorry if this blog post is different from my previous post. This time I purposely write this blog post to help my good bro and friend- Terence and his wife Deborah to win a year supply of ice cream..

The rain has been pouring nonstop all day! It's pretty cold where we are, but we're still craving for ice cream! Are you the type who eats even MORE ice cream when its cold? Do your friends stare in shock when you enjoy a cone and everyone else is shivering? ;)

Welcome to the official fan page of New Zealand Natural Malaysia!

Ice cream fans from all over the world are most welcome too, so join us and share the ice cream love!

Ever had ice cream in a fridge? Well, I stuffed myself into one... in hope I could win TO HAVE MORE! Help click 'like' on the picture! :)

NZN - taste best, even in the coldest condition!

Name: Deborah Chan

*Click 'like' on my pic. (You'll need to be a fan first)

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