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Friday, October 9, 2009

Young Entrepreneur In Me...selling keychains


"You should sell this keychains online!"
said one of my friend who saw my wirename
keychains and was impressed with my new
found 'talents'.

What he didn't know was that I spent hours
learning to bend wires into keychains.

At first I was just doing it as a hobby but it
turns out to be my main 'niche' online.
People always said that when we are doing
something that we love, we will never 'work'
in our lifetime.

Is it true?

Some people thinks that 'work' is the hardest
things to do, work involve pain and sweat.
It involves our whole being.

Actually, It becomes the hardest things to do
when our mind and hearts are not into it.

Truth a man thinketh ,so is he.

The reason why many people don't like work
is because it involves pain.

People don't like pain.

They like to do it 'easy'.

Personally, I don't like the idea of working
hard too. I will do it but only if I don't have
a choice. However, although I said that I
don't like working hard, I was surprised at myself.

Because I found that I was working so hard
nowadays. I was working hard to find the
easiest ways to do things and if possible effortlessly.

Many of my 'teacher' online had shared
their ideas about 'LEVERAGE"

How to work less but make more money?

I discovered that the main reason why
we may not earn as much sales as our
competitors is that we don’t leverage enough.

Leverage is “ putting the efforts of 100’s
or even 1000’s of other people behind you
so they can help you push you forward to
do things you couldn’t do on your own” .
Quote 'Patric Chan'...

Nah..That resonates deep in me.

One of the reason I am not making as much
sales as my competitors is that I don't use the
power of leverage.

I was trying to do everything on my own which
in turn taking much of my time, making me
unproductive in some areas in life and etc..

There are millions of people around the world
who know how to become millionaires but
how come they're still stuck?

It's the same case how Patric's life was still
a failure last time although he knew how
to achieve success until he discovered this

For your info, Patric Chan is a Malaysian living
in Penang, Pearl of the Orient.

Because of what he had discovered, he
became a millionaire, an author, an
international speaker, having holidays
around the world and happily married -
when he was just an 'ordinary' person
a few years ago.

Wow..that inspires me. An Ordinary man
doing extraordinary things!

So back to my wirename keychain venture
online. I was struggling to get my business
in my 1st year.

How to become an entrepreneur?

So many of us would want a business of
our own right? but many times EXCUSES like lack of time,
lack of money, lack the 'know-how' stopped us from
getting it off the ground.

Many of us spend so much time daydreaming
of a life much better than now.

Daydreaming will be just be a daydream without

When I first started, I decided that I will start selling
something from my lists of handmade crafts ideas.

I am quite good with my hands and the tools and
material needed for making wirename keychains is
cheap and easily available in the hardware shop.

My Secret to Wirename Keychain is ....hmm..
Actually I bought an ebook online and learn the

This is how I started in wire writing niche.
After I learned the trade and I created
my own ways to write using wires and
turn it uniquely mine. I decided to find
my USP or Unique Selling Proposition.

After doing my own research online,
I discovered that most wirename crafters
are doing wirename jewelery like earings,
rings, bangles, necklace ,name pin and etc.

But I'd never seen any wirename keychain.
So That was it! I found it..eureka!!=)
I got it. I shall make wirename keychain.

People will be able to carry it with them
most of their time. And I will offer not only
name keychains but mobile phone numbers
as well.

Some people lost their sets of keys more often
than some people. So by having their names
and mobile phone numbers in a form of keychain tag
with their keys, it will increase the chances
that they will get their keys back if they lost it.

I decided earlier that this will not be a 24/7 undertaking.
I don't have to quit my job that I have now. By the way,
the job that I am doing now is a CALLING.

However, regardless of our circumstances,
starting a part-time business is a good fit.

I started my online craft business selling
keychains because:
1. I could use some extra income
2. I would like to see my ideas works
3. I got some extra times and a laptop
with internet connection
4. I'd like to find a way that the whole youth group,
from the church-could work together doing
something with their hands and creativity.

And the result is...







USD10 for up to 10 letters. Thereafter ,additional USD1 per letter.
Minimum order for International Orders is 100 Units.
Postage and Handling will be decided later.
Please contact krafdawai At Gmail Dot Com

Want a cheaper keychains?

Please check out the following...







USD7 for up to 10 letters. Thereafter ,additional USD1 per letter.
Minimum order for International Orders is 100 Units.
Postage and Handling will be decided later.
Please contact krafdawai At Gmail Dot Com
So how's that from a young entrepreneur...

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Or you can just add to your hobby list with the added bonus of being able to make Birthday and Christmas presents !

If you decide to purchase, I really wish you the best of luck with this amazing skill that has seen me through all these years..

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All the best,

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Megamix said...

To me, working hard doesnt mean long hours but how much effort and ''heart''you put into your business.

An inspiring film about this topic -''The YES Movie'' by Louis Lautman,



I bought the 'How to Make Wire Names" book and I am GLAD I found it. I am a 66 yr old disabled man on dialysis and now I have a way to make a living!

Doing wire names at festivals and farmers markets and my worst day I made $100. Usually I make between $200 & $300 a day. Not bad for "working" 10 hours on a weekend.

I love what I am doing and the people I meet making wire name pins and pendants
Thanks for showing me this opportunity...

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